What is SSTP VPN Protocol?

In the contemporary technology world, information is growing to be a very versatile and sought after commodity. Marketing companies are on a constant search for people's information to come up with targeted ads and governments keeping a keen eye on what people access on a daily basis. This calls for[...] Read Full Article →

Why You Need A VPN For Holiday Shopping?

Do you think holiday shopping is secure and safer in all situations? Nowadays, there is a huge increase of cyber criminals and sophistication of hackers means that it is becoming difficult to keep both your personal and financial information safe. For instance, you may be accessing a phishing websit[...] Read Full Article →

The Benefits of having a Dedicated IP

We all know how using the internet is not secure. This has seen a lot of individuals, especially the ones with the technical know-how, shift to using Virtual Private Networks, or VPN to add a layer of security to their standard internet connection. Another issue that most people do not realize is th[...] Read Full Article →

VPN Protocols: Types and the Level of Security

Everybody loves to use the internet. We can almost do anything with it. We do research, watch movies, listen to music. Even socialize with old and new friends, do business, do banking online and many more. But the "bad guys" do exist as well. So for these, we need to be secured, right? This is wher[...] Read Full Article →

What is SmartDNS?

SmartDNS? What is it? What is it for?
SmartDNS is a technology that is used for unblocking geo-restricted content from around the globe. In fact, it is a bypass route, which collects and transmits data through a different route rather than a regular path. It collects data that is related[...] Read Full Article →