How Secure is Skype? Do you need a VPN?

How many times have you asked yourself, “Is Skype actually safe and secured?” The truth is that Skype could have a few security flaws. However, there are loads of factors to take into consideration before making a decision if Skype is secure for you. In this post, we will discuss how Skype wo[...] Read Full Article →

Watch 2017 Superbowl L1 Anywhere at Anytime

sstp vpn
In the US, the sporting event most awaited for is[...] Read Full Article →

What is SSTP VPN Protocol?

In the contemporary technology world, information is growing to be a very versatile and sought after commodity. Marketing companies are on a constant search for people's information to come up with targeted ads and governments keeping a keen eye on what people access on a daily basis. This calls for[...] Read Full Article →

Why You Need A VPN For Holiday Shopping?

Do you think holiday shopping is secure and safer in all situations? Nowadays, there is a huge increase of cyber criminals and sophistication of hackers means that it is becoming difficult to keep both your personal and financial information safe. For instance, you may be accessing a phishing websit[...] Read Full Article →

The Benefits of having a Dedicated IP

We all know how using the internet is not secure. This has seen a lot of individuals, especially the ones with the technical know-how, shift to using Virtual Private Networks, or VPN to add a layer of security to their standard internet connection. Another issue that most people do not realize is th[...] Read Full Article →