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VPNReactor is one of the world’s best VPN services provider, now puts forth a special offer to the loyal customers to avail the Max VPN account benefits at just $1.49 per week until December 1, 2015. This will unleash your freedom for global access using the custom set VPN protocols with unlimited bandwidth and up to 10 GB uplinks supported with an easy-to-use software. With VPNReactor, your opportunities to take advantage of Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals and discounts are now endless.


About VPN and VPNReactor

For those who are new to it, a VPN (virtual private network) is basically something all the internet users are connected to for anonymous and secured internet browsing activities. VPN enables the users to receive and send data across public networks as if their computers and other communication devices are connected directly to a secured private network. This in turn ensures maximum functionality, security, and compliance to the directive principles of the network.

VPN ensures virtual point-to-point connection, traffic encryption, and secured virtual tunneling protocols. If you don’t have VPN installed onto your system, you are at risk for exposing yourself as your personal information, financial details, and other sensitive and proprietary data may get exposed freely to the cyber world. Secured VPNs use top-end encryption and advanced security mechanisms to make sure that only authorized people get access to the network and any data interception will be effectively blocked.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of a VPN connection which provides premium services for less, then consider the best VPNReactor.

The tagline of the company goes as “VPNReactor is for Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere”

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Security and internet freedom

“Internet freedom” is the clamor from all corners of the world. VPNReactor offers to its users across the globe the internet freedom which allows anyone to get connected to anywhere in the world at anytime right from your home or office computer. So, you are not restricted now from accessing the offers of CyberMonday and Black Friday deals by the leading e-commerce services.

Offering ultimate security, with the use of VPNReactor, you can have protection while browsing at any online banking or financial sites and enjoy secure browsing. It can help you to defeat the ISP speed throttling too. When a connection is made through the secured application of VPNReactor, your internet traffic is fully forwarded from the device to the secured VPNReactor servers with 128-bit, 160-bit or 256-bit SSL encryption, which are the latest security protocols. As a result of connecting through VPNReactor, your internet traffic is double secured from hackers.

Most importantly, by ensuring your freedom for global access, VPNReactor servers also prevent the network providers between you and VPNReactor servers from blocking any content on the basis of geographic location. With this bypass enabled, you don’t need to suffer geographic censorship anymore. Compiling all these benefits, you may now realize the meaningfulness of the tagline “VPNReactor is for Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere”.

VPNReactor subscription deals

Apart from the FREE limited access VPN package, there are three premium subscription packages of VPNReactor as follows;

I. Pro VPN is the top-most option to choose which costs about $17.99 per month with a 7-day free trial with the following features.

  • PPTP
  • OpenVPN SSL
  • L2TP/IPSec
  • StealthVPN (Bypass VPN Blocks! – Additional Security)
  • SSTP (Bypass VPN Blocks! – Additional Security)
  • Softether
  • SSH Tunnel
  • Multiple U.S.A. VPNs
  • Multiple Europe VPNs Free BBC Programming
  • Asia VPNs
  • Dedicated IP

II. Next, the most popular and highly secured Max VPN package is available at an affordable fee of $9.99 per month, having the following features;

  • PPTP
  • OpenVPN SSL
  • L2TP/IPSec
  • StealthVPN (Bypass VPN Blocks! – Additional Security)
  • SSTP (Bypass VPN Blocks! – Additional Security)
  • Softether
  • SSH Tunnel
  • Multiple U.S.A. VPNs
  • Multiple Europe VPNs Free BBC Programming
  • Asia VPNs
  • Shared IP


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III. Users can also choose the Basic VPN package with shared IP at $7.99 per month, which features;

  • PPTP
  • Multiple U.S.A. VPNs
  • Shared IP etc.

All paid plans of VPN Reactor include comprehensive services like;

  • Unlimited connections and bandwidth
  • Seamless server switching capabilities.
  • 24×7 support
  • 1GB vpnreactor.com email address in your name username@vpnreactor.com
  • Exclusive 7-day FREE Trial with PayPal registration.
  • US based VPN servers

All major payment methods like PayPal, Paymentwall, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Network, Diners Club, JCB are accepted.

Uncomplicated – fully at your disposal

VPNReactor subscribers need not install any complicated software. The instantly setting up desktop platform of VPNReactor is very user friendly. It allows the VPN account users to easily and freely switch between different server locations and VPN protocols to gain access to global websites without any restrictions. There is no need for you to be a highly techno-savvy technical administrator to do this simple switching task. VPNReactor also has proven ‘surf secure’ capabilities to keep you fully protected and anonymous. VPNReactor will work well on all platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iPhone/iPad, Android and many devices.

So, there is no need to wait until Cyber Monday and Black Friday week to avail the VPNReactor discounts! Start enjoying ultimate freedom in surfing and shopping right now with MaxVPN free trial.

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VPNReactor Mobile VPN Service: Ideal Solution for Mobile Internet Security

Mobile VPN

A mobile VPN is a Virtual Private Network for mobile and Smartphone users, and it has become a popular form of technology for many personal and business users when needing to connect to the internet through their mobile gadgets including the Mobile phones, tablets, iPads and PDAs.


mobile vpn

The birth of the internet has made a massive impact on how people interact with one another. Communicating with people from other places can now be done with ease from any location with mobiles and Smartphones. Shopping can be done mostly using the internet. People can also send money through the internet via their mobile connection. Even working can also be done on the web.

We’ve all seen the rise of technology especially in the last 10 years and how it has entered everyone’s lives, some unable to live their everyday lives now without having an internet connection most of the day even when they’re on the road. Mobile phones and the iPad have therefore become important tools for this type of person.

Year 2010 was truly a year of huge breakthrough for the sales of mobile devices with iPad and Android devices gaining popularity and becoming the hot tech products. However, this came with a cost which placed mobile devices like iPads, iPhones and Android among the major targets for cyber criminals from 2011 onward.

The VPN uses a Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP), IPSec and SSL VPNs to identify the device at the far end of the tunnel by IP address. This works well for users who tunnel from stationary devices: a home PC over residential broadband, a laptop over a hotel LAN, or even a PDA at a Wi-Fi hot spot. But put that device in motion, and physical connectivity, point of network attachment and IP address are all likely to change. A VPN is essentially a tunnel which information passes through and is encrypted, and if a third party were to get their hands on it, although unlikely, they wouldn’t be able to decipher the information.
Because of the advancement on technology which has given birth to the increase accessibility of the internet through mobile devices, the need for a safe and secure connection has become more important and a way to ensure you are safe when sending sensitive information across your connection most especially through the mobile devices is by using a quality VPN service. It must be said though, this option is not only for the roaming internet goers, it is also a good option for home based connections especially if security is a key necessity.

Mobile VPN, or virtual private network, works a lot like a regular network. The only difference is that mobile VPN is a network configuration wherein portable items are used in order to access a virtual private network. These mobile devices usually include PDAs or personal digital assistants and laptops.

Mobile VPN is ideal for everyone carrying a mobile and Smartphone. With mobile virtual private network, users also as the ability to access their company’s resources while traveling. Employees from across the globe can even access their company’s software applications without having too much problem.

Active software applications remain active even if there is a change of wireless connection. Interruptions caused by power failure or wireless connection failure are also not a problem for people who are using this kind of security.

Mobile VPN allows its users to access company resources without physically going to the office. Mobile virtual private network will allow you to work at the place that will be convenient for you. Users can work at coffee shops, libraries or any public place with wireless connectivity.

One of the best features about mobile VPN is that unlike other connections, your session will not expire once you switch into other modes of communication. This reduces the consumption of time, because there is no need to log in to your company network every time you change to another network.

Mobile VPN also provides the same protection like other types of VPN. It prevents hackers from using or even meddling into a company’s resources and applications. It can also provide confidentiality to both clients and business owners. It also has lower operational costs.

VPNReactor mobile VPN offers allot of great option for secured mobile internet surfing which includes and not limited to:

  • Secured mobile VPN service for personal as well as corporate use. VPNReactor also offer various services for the iPhone users, Android users, etc. and various levels/protocols for encryption like PPTP VPN, SSL VPN, SSTP VPN and OpenVPN.
  • Using VPNReactor VPN services over the mobile devices can help users encrypt the data transfers between the corporate network and such devices.
  • VPNReactor mobile VPN service also give users various other advantages like protecting your privacy by making them anonymous, providing you with different IPs of country of your choice, etc.
  • Online gamers looking for the best online experience with their friends. Many keen gamers can get frustrated with a typical broadband connection, especially if the server is lagging; it can have a bad effect on the gaming experience. By choosing a mobile VPN plan with VPNReactor, your experience will be enhanced.


The Secret of Protection from Online Identity Theft

The internet has been woven into our lives and you will hardly find people who can live without the internet. People board the platform of information sharing as it has become essential for living today. But unfortunately, as everything comes with a price, we too have to pay the price of being so dependent on the internet. The more we become dependent on the internet, the more we are exposed to the risk of being robbed of our personal data and identity to hackers and snoopers. There is someone always watching our activities on the internet and waiting for the opportune moment to swindle our identities and personal data. It is true that hackers and data thieves are having a field day. Indeed it is a serious concern but there is no need to panic because there are security systems available that can make your internet experience safe and protect your personal data from the prying eyes of hackers and unscrupulous online identity theft. Understanding the modus operandi of the intruders and knowing about the safety procedures will make it easy to find out the means of protection from online identity theft.

online identity theft protection

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The threat

Hackers and online identity theft constitute the under belly of the internet world. They are smart, agile, armed to the teeth with technical weapons and always on the hunt for internet users,ready to strike by accessing personal data without the knowledge or consent of internet users. And how would you feel when you discover that you have been hit below the belt? Surely you would despise the unethical act that defies all acceptable norms of rational human understanding and could well be compared with a criminal activity like stealing. You would feel hard hit when you discover that someone else has surreptitiously infiltrated into your internet world and has accessed your data and identity details. The most intriguing question is why online identity theft and hackers are interested in your personal data?

The motive of hacking

There are three distinct reasons why unwarranted infiltration seems so attractive to hackers.

  • The first reason is that it satisfies their ego of being technically superior to beat all security protocols. They would like to let the world know about their technical might in overcoming all firewalls and security barriers that have been set up to make internet browsing safe and secure. Websites are defaced to express their resentment and displeasures and are rendered inaccessible to actual users by flooding it with requests for large volumes of information for databases and servers. This class of hackers, known as online activists is often termed as hacktivists in internet parlance.
  • The second reason for online identity theft is related to criminal intent. Information that has been obtained illegally is sold for money and it is indeed a big sum that one can expect from such transaction. Classified and sensitive data related to government, military and political parties are the main target of such hackers that are sold internationally at a fabulous price.
  • The third reason is to use personal data for malicious reasons and to fake identities and access bank accounts to swindle funds. With online shopping gaining popularity, this is a growing menace.

The vulnerability

Your IP address which is your online identity is the most vulnerable element that exposes you to threats of hackers. When you are surfing the internet, your identity is revealed to hackers who use it to access your personal data through high tech means. The problem is that none of the security protocols or firewalls can conceal your IP address when you are surfing but that is the only way to evade the prying eyes. This can only be possible if you are using VPN that is truly a private network in the true sense of the term.

Best protection against online identity theft

Accepting the fact that you have to live with the threat of online identity theft, there are ways of online identity theft protection that one should know to stay online without the fear of being attacked by intruders. The best online protection is possible only through VPN service that is offered by many private companies. This is the most secured way of exchanging data on the internet while your identity remains undisclosed and thus you remain out of reach of the prying eyes of data robbers and hackers. You remain invisible to others while you are using the internet. This is only possible by using Virtual Public Network (VPN) that uses technology to conceal your identity while you stay online and protect yourself from online identity theft.

Safety ring

Hackers and data robbers make use of the IP address of internet users to access data. When you are downloading anything from a secured or unsecured website your data is likely to be accessed by that website for which you should be prepared. Your data does not remain secure at all when you are accessing the internet. All these issues are adequately addressed by using VPN. Moreover, it keeps your identity anonymous which gives you protection from online identity theft.

Benefits of using VPN

  • Secured surfing – Stay protected from identity theft when undertaking financial transactions online as your Wi-Fi connection is encrypted.
  • Remove blockade – You can overcome any geographic censorship and be free to access any website.
  • Complete privacy – Your browsing activities are completely encrypted and you stay anonymous and protected from prying eyes.
  • Easy set up – VPN application is easy to set up and it is convenient to switch between VPN protocols.
  • Portability – VPN connectivity is completely portable as it can be run from USB keys or any other portable device.
  • Compatibility – It works on all kinds of devices – Mac, PC, iPhone/ iPad, Linux and Android