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The Benefits of having a Dedicated IP

We all know how using the internet is not secure. This has seen a lot of individuals, especially the ones with the technical know-how, shift to using Virtual Private Networks, or VPN to add a layer of security to their standard internet connection. Another issue that most people do not realize is that most of the mainstream internet connections are referred to as shared internet. By shared, it means that all the users share a common exit IP address assigned by the Internet Service Provider. Even though a lot of resources are employed by the ISP’s to secure and maintain these connections, sharing an IP address has its problems. The best alternative is to get a dedicated IP address.

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In this article, we look at the reasons as to why you need a dedicated IP VPN. A dedicated IP VPN is a blend of the two services, i.e., dedicated IP and VPN, resulting in a secure means of connecting to the internet.

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Advantages of a Dedicated IP

  • Manage Your Online Reputation
  • With a dedicated IP VPN, no one will tarnish the reputation of your IP address as it is only usable for you. In shared IP VPN; you share the IP, so if a user abuses the connection or sending spam messages, the entire network might get blocked by most websites that utilize filters to avoid links from such networks. For instance, if you send an email using a connection with a tarnished reputation, the message goes into the recipient’s Spam box.

  • Faster Connections
  • The fact that you are the only person using the assigned IP VPN address means that you also get dedicated bandwidth. On the contrary, in shared IP VPN, the bandwidth is equally divided amongst the active users; therefore the more users are online, the slower the connection per user. This can be a drawback especially if you intend to transfer a huge amount of data in a time-sensitive manner. Therefore, having your own dedicated IP VPN is desirable if speed matters to you.

  • Better Security for Servers
  • If you are one of that security-oriented people, then a dedicated IP VPN account is a necessity. With this account, you can secure your server or website back-ends so that they only accept connections from the account. This creates a robust security layer that ensures that the access will be granted only if the connection is emanating from your dedicated IP VPN. Hackers and other malicious entities will be blocked out; chances are they will never find your back-ends.

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    Mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the advantages of a dedicated IP VPN. With providers such as availing this technology as very affordable and offered at competitive prices, you can be sure to enjoy the advantages presented by this must have service. We advise individuals that carry out operations that entail the transfer of sensitive information to use a dedicated IP VPN account to secure their data and maintain its integrity.

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