Watch 2017 Superbowl L1 Anywhere at Anytime

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In the US, the sporting event most awaited for is the Super Bowl. The next champion of the NFL is determined will be determined. Super Bowl 51 will take place on Sunday,5th of February, 2017 at 6:30 pm Eastern Time at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas. And guess what; Lady Gaga will be headlining the Super Bowl LI halftime show.

Over 75% of Americans watch the Super Bowl on game day. It’s why the NFL Super Bowl is most important venue for companies and brands to create awareness for the launch of some new product or service

CBS usually broadcasts the Super Bowl. They do free livestreaming of Super Bowl for only the US visitors. Sadly, the Super Bowl can’t be watched outside the US. You would have to use the US IP address when visiting the CBS Sports website to watch the game. This is where VPNReactor can help you watch the game.

I’m sure you’re wondering: “What purpose will my knowledge of the where and when serve me since I can’t watch it?” Or perhaps, “How in the world am I going to watch it?” Not to worry, VPNReactor is at your rescue. On the brighter side, if you live outside the US, VPNReactor can help you have the stadium-at-home experience.

VPNReactor will change your IP address to the IP address of VPNReactor server in the US. So, you can just connect to a VPNReactor server in the US and livestream Super Bowl on CBS Sports.
You can bypass geographical restrictions with VPNReactor and enjoy Super Bowl anywhere you are in the world.

How to watch NFL Super Bowl L1 live with VPNReactor

1. Download VPNReactor and just simply follow installation wizard setup instructions.

Click here to Download for Windows

Click here to Download for Mac

Click here to Download Portable for Windows
2. From the software, enter your username and password.

3. Select a server location. We recommend to select USA, San Francisco ( from our list of servers but VPNReactor has a large network of servers located around the world.

4. Select a protocol or VPN Mode. We recommend you select OpenVPN (TCP) or (UDP). For streaming football games or videos from sites like Netflix we use OpenVPN (UDP).

5. Click connect. (The software will tell you that you now have a secure IP and you are now located in the United States)

6. After you have installed VPNReactor you can access NFL Super Bowl Live Streams from the following websites.

Fox Sports Go
NBC Sports Live

CBS All Access
NFL Game Pass

Sling TV

That’s it. You can now watch and enjoy live streaming NFL Superbowl even outside US. We also have easy-to-setup tutorials for iOS and android devices.

Don’t miss the excitement. Set up your own VPN now before Super Bowl starts.



Why You Need A VPN For Holiday Shopping?

Do you think holiday shopping is secure and safer in all situations? Nowadays, there is a huge increase of cyber criminals and sophistication of hackers means that it is becoming difficult to keep both your personal and financial information safe. For instance, you may be accessing a phishing website designed to look like eBay, Paypal, or Amazon.

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vpn holiday

Moreover, even some reputable sites may not be using secure gateways or authentication protocols. This means that you leave your personal information vulnerable. Also, you may be risking losing your password to hackers. A look at high-profile data breaches in the past few years is enough evidence of the risks you face when shopping online.

What is a VPN?

The IP address contains a lot of information that unscrupulous retailers and merchants can use to uncover your personal details such as credit card information. A Virtual Private Network or VPN provides you with a secure connection, which protects you when buying products or services online. It is quite easy to use a VPN since it does not need extra hardware. You only need to install on your mobile device, laptop, or desktop. Just sign up, install it, and shop with peace of mind.

VPN for Holiday Shopping

For safety purposes you should use a VPN always when:

  • Purchasing from a new website for first time
  • When traveling to unfamiliar location or foreign country
  • When using unsecured Wi-Fi or public network
  • It does not matter whether you are shopping at a well-known online retailer, a virtual private network assures you that your personal information is safe. This allows you to shop with peace of mind.

  • Other shopping benefits
  • A VPN re-routes your connection via an international server. This means that you can access websites, which are blocked by a firewall. For instance, if you live in the United States, but you have traveled overseas, you may find it difficult to do shopping back at home. Fortunately, you can use a VPN to access the local website and place your order. You will not experience any problems, and when you get back, you can get your ordered merchandise.

    On the other hand, if you find it difficult to carry out online shopping in other countries, you need a VPN. It gives you access to payment gateways, which are otherwise blocked. By using a VPN, you can route the connection via servers located in neighborhood countries. This explains why internet shopping with a reliable VPN is a smart and safe option.

  • Finding right VPN for holiday shopping
  • It is a well-known fact that not all VPNs provide the same level of service. Other than being error prone or slow, free VPNs increase risks of security problems. Thus, you should choose one with security and speed. Also, go for one with advanced encryption protocols and hundreds of servers. This is quite important if you are seeking unparalleled convenience. You need to check its compatibility with mobile platforms and operating systems. Ensure you choose a package that meets both your needs and budget.

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VPN Protocols: Types and the Level of Security

Everybody loves to use the internet. We can almost do anything with it. We do research, watch movies, listen to music. Even socialize with old and new friends, do business, do banking online and many more. But the “bad guys” do exist as well. So for these, we need to be secured, right? This is where VPN protocols are used. Virtual Private Network or VPN provides encryption and restricts access to data that is sent by a system in the network. Thus, protocols ensure that privacy and integrity of information sent and received is maintained. In fact, VPN protocols are quite important as far as public networks are concerned.

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The use of VPNs is not new; it has been around since the emergence of public networks. However, with increasing concern about internet security and safety of users, VPN protocols have developed a lot and reached a robust state. For instance, the latest protocols used today facilitate quick data transfer and are well-secured. The following are various types of VPN protocols, which are used in the public networks:

vpn protocols

OpenVPN Protocol

OpenVPN is the standard VPN protocol that VPNReactor for Mac uses. Under normal conditions, you should not have to change the VPN Mode. OpenVPN uses UDP ports 53 and 1194. It is recommended and became the default VPN type on desktop platforms and widely supported on most third party software (iOS and Android). It is very secure and can easily bypass firewalls. It encrypts data using 128 to 256 bit key. This protocol been considered as the most reliable and most stable behind wireless routers, wi-fi hotspots or even non-reliable networks.

Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP)

This is an efficient VPN protocol where users connect to a network using the internet connection and go through a password protected authentication procedure to get into Virtual Private Network. This is the most widely and common used VPN protocol because it is easy to set up and maintain. It does not need additional software and is cost-effective. This protocol implements PPP for security measures. It encrypts data using 128-bit key. VPNReactor provides FREE PPTP which is enabled by the OS of your computer.

Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP)

L2TP is considered more secure and faster than PPTP. If online security is a main concern, you should consider using L2TP. OpenVPN can be configured to run on TCP mode for highly unreliable connections but this mode sacrifices some speed due to the inefficiency of encapsulation. It also encrypts the authentication process, making it more difficult for someone trying to “listen in” on your transmission to intercept and crack the data.

Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP)

This protocol creates a secure connection between the host system and the client system. SSTP works in situations where most VPN connections would be blocked. SSTP uses a generic port that is never blocked by firewalls. This is combined with a special method to form the packets which allows SSTP transmissions to pass through most proxies and firewalls. It is considered the most secure of VPN tunneling protocols because it uses SSL, authentication certificates and 2048-bit encryptions. It is mainly used in online payment gateways and banking. However, your operating systems need to be relatively up to date in order for it to function properly with SSTP.

Internet Key Exchange Version 2 (IKEV2) VPN Protocol

IKEv2 is the next generation standard protocol for secure key exchange between peer devices, defined in RFC 4306. IKEv2 supports the latest IPsec encryption algorithms so this is the good choice for mobile users who move between access points and even switch between wired and wireless connections.

StealthVPN Protocol

The StealthVPN protocol is an exclusive technology developed by VPNReactor that conceals your already encrypted VPN connection within normal Internet traffic such as web and email.
If your ISP is blocking standard VPN protocols such as OpenVPN, PPTP, etc., StealthVPN can bypass these blocks. It does this by tunneling your VPN connection through web (https) or email (POP) traffic, which more than likely is not blocked. Tunneling your VPN over standard Internet traffic completely conceals the fact that you’re using a VPN. Your VPN connection is virtually undetectable by your ISP.

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What is SmartDNS?

SmartDNS? What is it? What is it for?

SmartDNS is a technology that is used for unblocking geo-restricted content from around the globe. In fact, it is a bypass route, which collects and transmits data through a different route rather than a regular path. It collects data that is related to your geographical location and re-routes it via a computer server. In this case, your SmartDNS proxy server provider offers you a server that is located in the area, which is permitted to access the blocked content. This lets you access content from various parts of the globe.


The process of installing SmartDNS is quite easy as it does not involve installations of third-party applications on your personal computer. The following is the process of using SmartDNS:

  • Register with a reputable SmartDNS proxy provider
  • Change DNS settings on your router/device
  • Connect to SmartDNS server
  • Access content from anywhere you are
  • Nowadays, there are several SmartDNS proxy providers on the market. After changing DNS settings of your router or device, you can connect to the SmartDNS servers located in a particular region you want to access the restricted content in an easy and quick manner.

    How does it differ from a VPN?

    You should note that a SmartDNS is simply a protocol, which is used in re-routing traffic. On the other hand, VPN creates a tunnel, which masks changes your IP to make it appear that you are accessing your website from another location. Also, SmartDNS, unlike a VPN, does not hide your IP address or provide encryption.

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    The other main differences between a VPN and SmartDNS are speed, privacy and anonymity, and security. The SmartDNS proxy does not tamper with your Internet speed, and it is user-friendly and easy to install. A Virtual Private Network offers security, privacy, and anonymity.

    How most people use SmartDNS

    The world continues to get smaller and smaller for content access, which surpasses geographical limitations. Thus, people do not want their use of the internet to be restricted because of their location. To offer online users this ability, SmartDNS plays a crucial role by unblocking content from anywhere.

    Traveling and want to use your Netflix or Hulu account. SmartDNS has the answer. It unblocks regions making your account available. This is because they virtually stay at home. If you want to listen to your favorite hits while overseas, you can access Pandora and Spotify from anywhere, you are.

    In this era, you have no reasons to limit yourself. When you use SmartDNS proxy service, you take your options a notch higher. You get all access to all your accounts from around the globe.

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    VPNReactor offers $1.49/week! Now Bag all Cyber Monday and Black Friday Deals

    VPNReactor is one of the world’s best VPN services provider, now puts forth a special offer to the loyal customers to avail the Max VPN account benefits at just $1.49 per week until December 1, 2015. This will unleash your freedom for global access using the custom set VPN protocols with unlimited bandwidth and up to 10 GB uplinks supported with an easy-to-use software. With VPNReactor, your opportunities to take advantage of Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals and discounts are now endless.


    About VPN and VPNReactor

    For those who are new to it, a VPN (virtual private network) is basically something all the internet users are connected to for anonymous and secured internet browsing activities. VPN enables the users to receive and send data across public networks as if their computers and other communication devices are connected directly to a secured private network. This in turn ensures maximum functionality, security, and compliance to the directive principles of the network.

    VPN ensures virtual point-to-point connection, traffic encryption, and secured virtual tunneling protocols. If you don’t have VPN installed onto your system, you are at risk for exposing yourself as your personal information, financial details, and other sensitive and proprietary data may get exposed freely to the cyber world. Secured VPNs use top-end encryption and advanced security mechanisms to make sure that only authorized people get access to the network and any data interception will be effectively blocked.

    If you want to enjoy the benefits of a VPN connection which provides premium services for less, then consider the best VPNReactor.

    The tagline of the company goes as “VPNReactor is for Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere”

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    Security and internet freedom

    “Internet freedom” is the clamor from all corners of the world. VPNReactor offers to its users across the globe the internet freedom which allows anyone to get connected to anywhere in the world at anytime right from your home or office computer. So, you are not restricted now from accessing the offers of CyberMonday and Black Friday deals by the leading e-commerce services.

    Offering ultimate security, with the use of VPNReactor, you can have protection while browsing at any online banking or financial sites and enjoy secure browsing. It can help you to defeat the ISP speed throttling too. When a connection is made through the secured application of VPNReactor, your internet traffic is fully forwarded from the device to the secured VPNReactor servers with 128-bit, 160-bit or 256-bit SSL encryption, which are the latest security protocols. As a result of connecting through VPNReactor, your internet traffic is double secured from hackers.

    Most importantly, by ensuring your freedom for global access, VPNReactor servers also prevent the network providers between you and VPNReactor servers from blocking any content on the basis of geographic location. With this bypass enabled, you don’t need to suffer geographic censorship anymore. Compiling all these benefits, you may now realize the meaningfulness of the tagline “VPNReactor is for Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere”.

    VPNReactor subscription deals

    Apart from the FREE limited access VPN package, there are three premium subscription packages of VPNReactor as follows;

    I. Pro VPN is the top-most option to choose which costs about $17.99 per month with a 7-day free trial with the following features.

    • PPTP
    • OpenVPN SSL
    • L2TP/IPSec
    • StealthVPN (Bypass VPN Blocks! – Additional Security)
    • SSTP (Bypass VPN Blocks! – Additional Security)
    • Softether
    • SSH Tunnel
    • Multiple U.S.A. VPNs
    • Multiple Europe VPNs Free BBC Programming
    • Asia VPNs
    • Dedicated IP

    II. Next, the most popular and highly secured Max VPN package is available at an affordable fee of $9.99 per month, having the following features;

    • PPTP
    • OpenVPN SSL
    • L2TP/IPSec
    • StealthVPN (Bypass VPN Blocks! – Additional Security)
    • SSTP (Bypass VPN Blocks! – Additional Security)
    • Softether
    • SSH Tunnel
    • Multiple U.S.A. VPNs
    • Multiple Europe VPNs Free BBC Programming
    • Asia VPNs
    • Shared IP


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    III. Users can also choose the Basic VPN package with shared IP at $7.99 per month, which features;

    • PPTP
    • Multiple U.S.A. VPNs
    • Shared IP etc.

    All paid plans of VPN Reactor include comprehensive services like;

    • Unlimited connections and bandwidth
    • Seamless server switching capabilities.
    • 24×7 support
    • 1GB email address in your name
    • Exclusive 7-day FREE Trial with PayPal registration.
    • US based VPN servers

    All major payment methods like PayPal, Paymentwall, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Network, Diners Club, JCB are accepted.

    Uncomplicated – fully at your disposal

    VPNReactor subscribers need not install any complicated software. The instantly setting up desktop platform of VPNReactor is very user friendly. It allows the VPN account users to easily and freely switch between different server locations and VPN protocols to gain access to global websites without any restrictions. There is no need for you to be a highly techno-savvy technical administrator to do this simple switching task. VPNReactor also has proven ‘surf secure’ capabilities to keep you fully protected and anonymous. VPNReactor will work well on all platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iPhone/iPad, Android and many devices.

    So, there is no need to wait until Cyber Monday and Black Friday week to avail the VPNReactor discounts! Start enjoying ultimate freedom in surfing and shopping right now with MaxVPN free trial.

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    Vacation with your Digital Devices: Safe & Secure with VPNReactor

    Vacation VPN

    Vacation with your devices and secure it with VPNReactor.

    Yes, nowadays, we were surrounded by digital devices; laptops, cell phones, tablets, etc. We admit it or not, it already became part of our daily living. Most of the time, this is all right, but when going on vacation it can seem like a hassle.

    What should you bring?
    What precautions should you take?
    Will you have time to use these devices?

    Well, here are some great tips that you can do before, after or even while you are on a vacation to make sure your digital devices are secure, safe and use it just right.

    Before you go on a vacation, you need to think some few things. What are the things you are going to bring? How much time will you have to spend on these devices, and what will you need to ensure safe travel and comfort? Think about an itinerary for the time you will be away from home and what you will be doing.

    Here are some good ideas you can add in your checklist before you leave:

    Ensure secure surfing and browsing anywhere. For most instances, you will need to browse internet for some important reasons like checking home, office, emails, updates, etc and it never safe to just connect to any place’s public wifi so before doing so, have all of your devices connected to a VPN first so you won’t get a security breach problem.

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    Make sure your devices are up to date. Make sure everything is up to date on your cellular phones, computers or tablets to ensure you won’t have any problems with the software or anything.

    Back up all of your devices at home. Backing up to an external hard drive or your computer at home is important so you don’t have any data loss if you lose your device. Losing your device is likely to happen and can be very upsetting, and losing your data can be even worse.

    Download an application like “Find My iPhone” or something similar. In the event that you DO lose your device, this kind of app will be able to track it and you can follow to recover your belongings. This is also good in the event that your devices get stolen.

    Clean off any sensitive data. You will be in a new area with new people and you have no idea who might be around. It’s important to clear off any sensitive data like passwords or banking information.

    Password – Protect all devices. Again, you have no idea who is around you. Putting a password protection on your devices will lock them to ensure nobody can get in and use your device.

    Pack your chargers. Nothing is worse than forgetting your chargers for any device, because then you’re carrying around a dead paperweight that does not do anything. Remember the chargers!

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    After you’ve gotten your devices ready for vacation, it’s time to think about what you will be doing on them while you are gone. One of the biggest downfalls of bringing laptops or phones on vacation is that people are more often actually working on work related information rather than spending their time actually relaxing and vacationing. You do not want to fall into this! If you think that you may, put password locks on your computer and sign out of your e-mail to not be tempted. Sometimes though, you may have to do a bit of work, in which case, do what you need and spend the rest away from the computer! If you don’t need to though, don’t do it.

    Another thing you may want to consider is that you may just spend too much time on them anyway, doing things like social media and watching YouTube. While on vacation, you want to be out of the hotel doing things that you would not normally do at home and social media should not be your first concern.

    Another concern while using your digital devices on vacation is using unprotected Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi that is not protected under a network is much easier for hackers to log on and be able to grab information from your devices. To protect your software and your data, you should think about your network connections all the time. If you do not have the password to a connection, or want to use a free open connection, think strongly about which websites you are visiting and what you are doing online. You are not alone.

    If all of your devices are ready and secure for vacation, that’s great. Remember the above tips and when you get to your vacation destination, live by them. It’s important to think about how you are going to use and protect your digital devices when on vacation because a lot of damage could happen to them, or worse, lose them. Here are a few tips on what to do with your devices in these common vacation areas:

    Dealing with your digital devices on a plane
    Often, when people go on vacation, they need to take a plane to get there. If you are going to be flying, it can be pretty boring and you may want the accompaniment of your devices to keep you busy. While this can be very good, it has some downfalls. You must remember that all devices with connections must be in “airplane” mode while flying as to not mess with the plane in any way. Other than this, watching a movie on your laptop or reading on your e-reader may be a good way to pass the time in the air.

    Dealing with your digital devices in the hotel
    It is good to have laptops and phones and tablets to use, but you don’t want these to distract you from going out and doing things while away on vacation. Try only using these at night or when you absolutely have to avoid losing time.

    Dealing with your digital devices at the beach
    If you are going to a popular beach destination, remember that your devices can’t get wet or sandy! There are methods you can follow in case they do, but take the precautions early and stop it before it does. Invest in a waterproof case or just bring some plastic freezer bags that can zip up to prevent sand or water getting in. Another way to ensure they will be safe is to not bring them at all.

    Think about what you will be spending your time doing at the beach, and think if it’s even necessary to bring your digital devices. It may be fine and more fun and stress-free without them though but as this became part of our daily living already, keep it safe. Have it secured. Surf, and browse anywhere. Do all of these with VPNReactor.

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