How Secure is Skype? Do you need a VPN?

How many times have you asked yourself, “Is Skype actually safe and secured?”

The truth is that Skype could have a few security flaws. However, there are loads of factors to take into consideration before making a decision if Skype is secure for you. In this post, we will discuss how Skype works and why you need a VPN for your Skype to secure you.

skype vpn

How Skype Works

Skype is a platform which allows tablet, smartphone and PC users around the globe to speak with other Skype users through video and voice calls. This service additionally allows Skype users to communicate by voice with mobile phones and landlines. Furthermore, Skype also has an inbuilt instant messaging and document transfer features.
To use the service, users need to download the software on their mobile phones and PCs. The software is available for Windows PCs, Mac PCs, and on Android and iOS devices.

Although Skype is a great communication service, in lots of location, often due to government regulations or communication companies, Skype is unavailable or blocked. Once your IP is seen by the service and it belongs to one of the restricted regions, you will be blocked from using the service. This is where Virtual Private Network or VPN comes in. A VPN will assist you to bypass the location restrictions and remain secure.

A VPN will help you mask your IP address; it hides your IP address and assigns a new one, which will make it seem as if you are browsing from a region that allows Skype access.

Skype Away with a VPN

For the benefit of the newbies of the internet encryption and new to being anonymous, a VPN stands for Virtual Private Network.

Fundamentally, VPN providers put you on their private that is completely encrypted and invisible to any prying eyes. This keeps your connection protected and anonymous.

With a VPN, your privacy is guaranteed and protects your location. The VPN will assign a new IP address to your device, with tells anybody seeking to know your location through your IP address.

A VPN masks your IP address, granting you utmost anonymity and security as you freely surf the Internet without any security concern

By using a VPN, the following a guaranteed;

  • Protected Privacy – no person can know who you’re, what you’re doing, or the location you are doing if from.
  • Unlimited access to whatever content you want – Regional limitation won’t apply to you when you are using a VPN. You can access any content, communication services from anywhere on any device.
  • Your Identity is protected – With prying hackers trying to hack you from the internet, a VPN keeps you encrypted and protects your personal information and passwords while you remain anonymous.