What is SmartDNS?

SmartDNS? What is it? What is it for?

SmartDNS is a technology that is used for unblocking geo-restricted content from around the globe. In fact, it is a bypass route, which collects and transmits data through a different route rather than a regular path. It collects data that is related to your geographical location and re-routes it via a computer server. In this case, your SmartDNS proxy server provider offers you a server that is located in the area, which is permitted to access the blocked content. This lets you access content from various parts of the globe.


The process of installing SmartDNS is quite easy as it does not involve installations of third-party applications on your personal computer. The following is the process of using SmartDNS:

  • Register with a reputable SmartDNS proxy provider
  • Change DNS settings on your router/device
  • Connect to SmartDNS server
  • Access content from anywhere you are
  • Nowadays, there are several SmartDNS proxy providers on the market. After changing DNS settings of your router or device, you can connect to the SmartDNS servers located in a particular region you want to access the restricted content in an easy and quick manner.

    How does it differ from a VPN?

    You should note that a SmartDNS is simply a protocol, which is used in re-routing traffic. On the other hand, VPN creates a tunnel, which masks changes your IP to make it appear that you are accessing your website from another location. Also, SmartDNS, unlike a VPN, does not hide your IP address or provide encryption.

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    The other main differences between a VPN and SmartDNS are speed, privacy and anonymity, and security. The SmartDNS proxy does not tamper with your Internet speed, and it is user-friendly and easy to install. A Virtual Private Network offers security, privacy, and anonymity.

    How most people use SmartDNS

    The world continues to get smaller and smaller for content access, which surpasses geographical limitations. Thus, people do not want their use of the internet to be restricted because of their location. To offer online users this ability, SmartDNS plays a crucial role by unblocking content from anywhere.

    Traveling and want to use your Netflix or Hulu account. SmartDNS has the answer. It unblocks regions making your account available. This is because they virtually stay at home. If you want to listen to your favorite hits while overseas, you can access Pandora and Spotify from anywhere, you are.

    In this era, you have no reasons to limit yourself. When you use SmartDNS proxy service, you take your options a notch higher. You get all access to all your accounts from around the globe.

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