What is SSTP VPN Protocol?

In the contemporary technology world, information is growing to be a very versatile and sought after commodity. Marketing companies are on a constant search for people’s information to come up with targeted ads and governments keeping a keen eye on what people access on a daily basis. This calls for serious security questions and considerations that individuals should take note of when surfing the web. Therefore internet safety is a crucial issue, and people should take action in enhancing it.

To the aid comes the various encryption methods that enable secure surfing and other secondary services such as VPN that make security rather cheap to achieve. In today’s article, we take a look at the SSTP VPN Protocol and why it is the best choice to take charge of your security.

sstp vpn

The SSTP VPN Protocol

To quickly grasp the SSTP VPN Protocol, we will have to split it into two parts, the SSTP and VPN. Let us begin with VPN. A VPN is a Virtual Private Network that lets a person tunnel their traffic via their network, hence masking their identity in the process. This makes it impossible for any other third party to infiltrate and gain the information being transferred between the web client and the destination server.


SSTP is the abbreviation for Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol, a form of VPN tunnel. This tunnel allows VPN providers to tunnel their clients’ traffic via SSL or TSL. For now, all you need to know about SSL and TSL is that they are encryption schemes that provide high-level data encryptions in real-time. The level of authentication used by SSTP is comprehensive in a way that makes it very hard to get information that is not being sent an explicit web client.

Therefore when you put SSTP and VPN together, you get a service that offers state of the art security level on your network traffic. Below are some of the benefits of using the SSTP VPN protocol

  • Anonymity
  • By making use of this technology, you ensure that you stay anonymous throughout whenever surfing the web. There are a lot of sensitive matters that people do online that are nobody’s business and should remain that way. Surfing anonymously is the first layer of protection the service incorporates to make browsing the internet safely.

  • Real-time traffic encryption
  • As stipulated numerous times in the latter sections of this article, web traffic is susceptible to third party interference. This is very dangerous, especially if the infiltrator has malicious intent. For instance, if you are making a bank transaction using your web browser, and the authorization codes fall into the hands of an attacker the outcome could be catastrophic. Hence the importance of the SSTP VPN protocol as it offers real-time traffic encryption right from the moment you key in a web address.

These are some of the importance of the SSTP VPN protocol. Based on the information availed in this article, it is easy to determine that this technology is the best for web data security. Protect your privacy and secure your data using the most powerful VPN ever created.

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