What is a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a software that takes your computers current IP address and transfers it with another somewhere else in the world. Without a VPN, your unprotected against the Internet and have no privacy, but to regain your rights to your hidden online identity is simple. A VPN works like a shield to block anyone from tracing what you do online through your IP address. Using a VPN means that your computer will have it’s own security system while online.

Benefits of a VPN

Online Privacy

Without a VPN, just about anyone can see who you are, where you are located and what you are doing online, including sending e-mails, checking bank websites, and browsing. With a VPN, nobody will be able to track down you as an internetuser, and you can browse anywhere, anytime!

Geographic Restrictions

Not having a VPN means you are geographically restricted. Certain websites only allow specific countries to access them for a variety of reasons, but you can break through these barriers with a VPN disguising you as a user within the accepted countries.

Safe from Hackers and Spam

When people can track you online, they can use your information in ways that will negatively affect you. For example, a hacker can scour your e-mails and browsing history and hack into your various accounts or even pretend to be you! Some companies and businesses will also look around online and use he reoccurring IP addresses from their competitors’ websites to track you and spam or irritate you. With a VPN, you can do your daily online activities with no fear!

Public Wi-Fi

Using public Wi-Fi to check your personal e-mails and accounts and even to browse can be worrying that someone will be able to track you or use your information. Along with a VPN for home security, you will also have security on mobile devices set up to public Wi-Fi.


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